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Indefensible by Lee Goodman

Nick Davis is a federal prosecutor whose involvement in trying to solve the case of a low-level drug seller gets entangled in a case that mushrooms to three more deaths, a child porn ring, and the possible involvement of his next-in-command. Very fast-moving, suspenseful, and complicated with several red-herrings and danger to his family thrown in. A good read.

Evaluation: 4 out of 5

Misery by Stephen King

After my miserable (pardon the pun) experience with The Stand I decided to give Stephen King another shot, so I chose one of his shorter books that I was already somewhat familiar with (being a fan of the movie). I enjoyed this one! A fun little thriller, although, like every other King book I’ve read, this could use some editing.

Evaluation: 4 out of 5

I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hays

A US secret agent is on the hunt for an Islamic terrorist who is planning to kill millions of Americans. This action packed novel is thoroughly engrossing from start to finish!

Evaluation: 5 out of 5